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 Minecraft: Hardcore Survival

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PostSubject: Minecraft: Hardcore Survival   Sat Mar 24, 2012 7:23 pm

Hey Everybody!

First thing, I stumbled upon a really nice skin editor *props newgrounds games*.. it's free. You can customize your character using their template, or you can use pre-designed pieces of skins and put them together and tweek it, very user friendly and you can download the .png to upload to minecraft.net once your finished.

Second part (and the funnest). While strolling through the minecraft forums I found a server hosted by lethal mining. It is a hardcore mode server, (so everything hits harder and you can die from hunger), and its pvp oriented. There are safe zones in the game where griefing and pvp can not happen. and the mod they use allows for the creation of factions. For anyone who isnt familiar with this, that means that lets say a bunch of UNOP members joined this server, we all congregate together and can immediately make a faction( for example we'll call the faction we make UNOP) this links us all togther in a clan and we can set off on a merry journey into the wildnerness. We then decide to make a camp and by doing so claim the territory we're in (so who ever enters that area will see we own it) and we can then proceed to make a town ect, whatever we want with it. only people in our faction will have access to this town ( access into buildings we make, destroying and placing blocks ect) we can war with other factions then have been established ect. Griefing can take place outside of faction territories (but its not allowed to be accessive) and a little bit adds a little fun Razz. Theres also a skill leveling system, and an economic system where you can buy and sell items with virtual cash you recieve in game for doing things like killing monsters and there is an addon that allows you to lock doors and chests to prevent theft.
I think it would be fun to atleast try if anyone is up for it. I recommend you read the link i have ibefore entering, just to familiarize yourself with the mods running and the server rules. There no whitelist so you can jump in and try it out. It supposedly is up almost 24/7 and can host up to 25 members (and to my experience no lag so far- ive seen 13 people in it)

Since new member's cant post external links, send me a message if your interested, or add me on steam and ill send you the link to the server or the editor if anyones interested!

Have Fun!

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Member Lt

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PostSubject: Re: Minecraft: Hardcore Survival   Sat Mar 24, 2012 9:08 pm

Deets, we use Funcamdog's server as the UNOP one atm but Achilles hosts one which used to be used as the UNOP MC server.

I dont think UNOP will relocate any time soon, but if you join the clan than we'd be happy to get you into the Minecraft fold.
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Minecraft: Hardcore Survival
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